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Earia is an Arabic word meaning "to be naked", defines both the power and the process of the musical genius that is Earia Music Project. Their approach to songwriting is the result of countless hours of focusing on the rebirth of music roots - keeping themselves open, unrestricted, and free of limitations. Naked.

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No upcoming events at the moment




 Mess, South Surrey
 Pink Hazy Skies (acoustic) White Rock East Beach
 Morphine (acoustic) at 1001 steps in Ocean Park


We won 2023 Shipyards has talent at the Shipyards night market in North Vancouver! Many talented musicians graced the stage and we are completely humbled to have been chosen to win this amazing distribution package from Razordistro. 

Huge thank you to all our rock solid friends and family that have supported us on this journey so far. 


Earia Music Project’s foundation is a three-piece acoustic, folk, roots, and Americana duo featuring Matthew Landry (guitar/vocals) and Sal Mattar (percussion) often performing with James Miller (keys). A live performance may also include bass, saxophone, cello or even violin.  Matthews’ voice and style demand your attention whilst Mattar adds a worldly and unique touch and a warm change from typical snare-kick-tom drum kit sound.


With soulful lyrics and skillful musicianship, they have already made a mark in the local music scene as they share their original songs about life, love, connection and world events. Their energetic and mesmerizing live performances, their undeniable chemistry and genuine love for music are palpable on stage, captivating audiences and leaving long lasting impressions. It’s no surprise that soon after forming in 2022, they won North Vancouver’s Shipyards Got Talent and have since begun working on their debut album scheduled for release in 2024. 



* Landry is a gifted singer-songwriter known for his powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics. With a captivating stage presence and soulful voice, he effortlessly draws listeners into an immersive musical journey.


** Mattar, the master of percussion brings an exquisite range of world rhythms to Earia's sound. With instruments such as the cajon, darbouka, congas, djembe and bongos, he infuses the music with an infectious energy and groove that transcends genres. 


*** Adding a touch of rich and soulful melodies is Miller, a talented keyboardist. who weaves intricate harmonies and textures into Earia's music.


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